Legal Studies 4

In Unit 4 Physics, you will study electric power, sound and ideas about light and matter. Electric Power covers the connection between magnetic fields and electric currents involved in the operation of electric motors, generators and the transmission of electric power. The wave nature of sound is studied and applied to sound recording and reproduction. Based on experimental observations, models for light and for matter are discussed and applied, in particular the wave model, particle model and wave-particle duality.

You will investigate learning as a mental process that leads to the acquisition of knowledge, development of new capacities and changed behaviours. As part of this, you will gain an understanding of the mechanisms of learning, the cognitive processes that affect readiness for learning, and how people learn informs both personal and social issues. In addition to this, you will use a biopsychosocial framework – a conceptual model which includes psychological and social factors in addition to biological factors in understanding a person’s mental state – to explore the nature of stress, simple phobia and a selected mental disorder.