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by Admin User - Thursday, 9 October 2014, 4:07 PM

Victorian Virtual Learning Network

Bendigo Senior Secondary College

 The VVLN is an initiative of Bendigo Senior Secondary College to develop innovative, interactive, instructional online VCE subjects designed to be delivered to secondary school students using web-based technology.

Students can undertake subjects at any time in any location with high speed broadband access.

The VVLN utilizes the expertise and experience of staff from Bendigo Senior Secondary College, Victoria's largest provider of senior school curriculum.

VCE subjects available include: Chemistry Units 1&2, General Maths Units 1&2, Health and Human Development Units 1&2, Health and Human Development Units 3&4, Legal Studies Units 1&2, Legal Studies Units 3&4, Maths Methods Units 1&2, Maths Methods Units 3&4, Physics Units 1&2, Physics Units 3&4, Psychology Units 1&2, Psychology Units 3&4 and Specialist Maths Units 3&4.

These courses are currently being delivered to 245 students located in 44 schools across Victoria.

For more information about the VVLN and to view sample subject materials on offer please visit

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