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    What is the Victorian Virtual Learning Network?

    The Victorian Virtual Learning Network (VVLN) is an initiative of Bendigo Senior Secondary College to develop and deliver innovative, interactive, instructional online VCE subjects to secondary school students across Victoria.


    Features of the VVLN

    The VVLN incorporates a number of features to ensure students receive the instruction, support and feedback essential to their successful completion of the VCE subject.

    Subjects are delivered via the internet using the VVLN Moodle learning management system. Delivery of all subjects is asynchronous, providing flexible timetabling for schools, allowing students to access course content at any time.

    Online lessons are entirely instructional and incorporate learning resources including video, audio, text, simulations, and high levels of interactivity, monitoring and feedback.

    Students receive individual support and direction through regular online contact with their teachers via Cisco WebEx; an easy to use, highly secure web-conferencing platform used by many gorvernment departments and private industry.

    VVLN teachers visit each school at least once during the school year for face-to-face meetings with students.


    Contact Your Teacher

    The level of achievement in a VVLN subject is greatly enhanced by regularly communicating with your VVLN teacher over the internet by voice and video conferences through WebEx calls, instant messaging and email.

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    VVLN students are located all around Victoria

    This map shows where all this year's virtual class-mates are located.